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Timing: Daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 6.30 am – 11.30 pm
Friday Brunch: 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Cuisine: casual

Location: Ground Floor

Contact No: +971-2-201 4000



Khayal is a unique interactive dining concept with tasting portions of appetisers, salads and desserts, prepared at 6 live action cooking stations.
A treat for the senses, Khayal is a relaxed restaurant offering a chance for the casual diner to observe and absorb the culinary theatrics of six open kitchens. From hearty breakfasts and quick lunches to social dinners and post-work drinks, there’s much to look forward to Khayal, whatever the time of day.

Marriott Hotel Al Forsan,Street 12,
Khalifa City,Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
T: +971 2201 400

Marriott Hotel Al Forsan,Street 12,
Khalifa City-Abu Dhabi
T: +971 2201 400